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Pokefarm musical

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Pokefarm musical review
This is a musical written by slizer 107
This is based on some of the important members of pokefarm. I would like to thank slizer for putting me in it. It is based on the characters of pokefarm in school. Babael is the sharpay kind of person. The main characters are slizer, nana nettie, me, paws, babael, s tailor, trombones 13, nak, gamegeezer, celph.
It is a great story and deserves to be viewed. Slizer is a great person for writing this and i thank him for writing it. I would rate it 5 out of 5 on the entertainment scale so what are you waiting for go read it.

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  1. S Tailor's Avatar
    Woot, I still can't believe I'm a main Character. I mean I have contributed so little to be quite honest. *Stamps all over Staravia with Jolteon in platinum*


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