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Wheeeeeeee! xD

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Way to go Adam. As the one thousandth and first blog entry, I here by proclaim good luck to all of the next thousandth entries!

See you all at 2000!

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  1. Vott's Avatar
    I bet 50 bucks it will be be you lol
  2. joinred1127's Avatar
    Do I get the fifty? xD
  3. Vott's Avatar
    no not really lol
  4. joinred1127's Avatar
    >_> *takes money from Vott anyway*

    *flees* Wheeeeeeeeeee!
  5. Vott's Avatar
    Oh so that what "Wheeeeeeeeeee" stands for
  6. joinred1127's Avatar
    Well, it's kinda me running around in circles. ^^
  7. Vott's Avatar
    * puts a bannana peel out of nowhere*
  8. pikaluva13's Avatar
    *takes banana peel* LITTERBUG!
  9. joinred1127's Avatar
    Thanks Adam. *runs around in circles*
  10. Vott's Avatar
    No fair Matt was supposed to trip over that LOL


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