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Visiting Da Carnival after 3 years

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What can i say. It was kind of great and horrible at the same time. I had 20 tickets. I ride one coaster that almost made me puke. After i got of i just walking around and then girl ask me for a TICKET . How rude. I was walk passed her. I also met some of my friend there. Then i i just spend all my tickets one one ride. I jst chickened out by the others rides. It so dull and boring as usual. I can't i actually went there. I will never go back there again EVER! I walked home and my dad picked me up. i had fun...well little. At least i got some enjoyment to myself

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  1. cowmoo83's Avatar
    How is it rude to ask for a ticket?

    and it seems like it was only boring because you skipped the good rides

    OH yeah, fix up the grammar... it was almost un-readable this time.
  2. Vott's Avatar
    True that
  3. TheMonsterAtlas's Avatar
    Romeofest is really boring, that's why I don't go lol


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