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Another haircut ^_^!!!!.....from my mom o_0?!

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1 day ago my mom said she has a friend who can cut my hair for me. I said, my hair looks just fine. But then right before i took a shower my mom said " yous getting a haircut..from me". I felt scared,weird. I mean this is my mom. Usually my dad gives me haircut. But mom o_0? After i took a shower. I looked at my hair and said " this is so ugly. Its..its....stupid.". my mom yelled at my dad. At least i got supplies for school that cheered me a little...I guess. Mom kept sayign she's sorry. i forgive her, but i hoep to never go through with this again. My dad even yelled at me a little. I mean what did i do? Its not like i had another choice, my mom forced me V_V. Sometimes parents are just a pain in the back <_>.

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  1. Pikadude609's Avatar
    Tell me about it!
  2. pikaluva13's Avatar
    *wants to see a before and after pic* lol
  3. Vott's Avatar
    Trust me you don't want to. Its looks horrible <_>


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