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Funny Skype Conversation 1

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[11:29:42 AM] Me: know the movie "another cinderella story"?
[11:29:48 AM] Kurt: XD
[11:30:21 AM] Whitdjinn: i actually do, i'm ashamed to say, adam
[11:30:24 AM] Me: lol
[11:30:31 AM] Kurt: LOL
[11:30:38 AM] Me: well um...he's like ten years older than her...and her b-day was last
[11:30:38 AM] Whitdjinn: the woman DVR'd it for the kid, so i've seen it a couple times :P
[11:30:41 AM] Me: XD
[11:30:49 AM] Me: i used wikipedia
[11:30:54 AM] Me: i don't know this off my head XD
[11:30:58 AM] Kurt: *snerk* the woman
[11:31:03 AM] Whitdjinn: who's 10 years older than who
[11:31:13 AM | Edited 11:31:20 AM] Me: drew seeley than selena gomez
[11:31:21 AM] Kurt: Wait--is this the one with Hilary Duff or Sele--never mind
[11:31:21 AM] Whitdjinn: drew deely was the popular guy
[11:31:24 AM] Me: yeah
[11:31:24 AM] Kurt: seeley
[11:31:28 AM] Me: lol
[11:31:29 AM] Whitdjinn: wow
[11:31:32 AM] Me: i wrote it wrong XD
[11:31:34 AM] Kurt: That's gross xD
[11:31:40 AM] Me: it's legal though XD
[11:31:50 AM] Whitdjinn: i'll have to pull that factoid out when they watch it next
[11:31:54 AM] Me: rofl
[11:32:08 AM] Me: she was born in grand prairie texas XD
[11:32:20 AM] Me: hehe she was on barney
[11:32:27 AM] Kurt: lolz
[11:32:28 AM] Whitdjinn: sometimes i like that chin cleft thing, but it looks a little weird on her
[11:32:34 AM] Kurt: ha ha
[11:32:39 AM] Me: lolwut?
[11:32:45 AM] Whitdjinn: the chin dimple
[11:32:51 AM] Kurt: butt chin :P
[11:32:54 AM] Me: *doesn't see it* lol
[11:33:03 AM] Me: XD
[11:33:04 AM] Kurt: ROFL
[11:33:22 AM] Me: um...she doesn't have a cleft
[11:33:26 AM] Me: lol
[11:33:30 AM] Whitdjinn: she doesnt?
[11:33:32 AM] Whitdjinn: are you sure
[11:33:33 AM] Me: no...
[11:33:35 AM] Shyam Anil Tailor: fair enough
[11:33:35 AM] Me: [URL][/URL]
[11:33:39 AM] Me: don't see
[11:34:07 AM] Whitdjinn: hmm
[11:34:08 AM] Kurt: <_<
[11:34:17 AM] Whitdjinn: what was it about her that i didnt think like zomg hot
[11:34:23 AM] Me: lol idk
[11:34:25 AM] Whitdjinn: oh, ya know, it was probably her age
[11:34:28 AM] Me: XD
[11:34:34 AM] Whitdjinn: but i could asworn
[11:34:38 AM] Whitdjinn: ah well
[11:34:49 AM] Whitdjinn: she looks like 9 though
[11:34:50 AM] Me: demi lovato has a cleft chin...
[11:34:52 AM] Kurt: zuhmuhguh
[11:35:06 AM | Edited 11:35:09 AM] Me: lol "Related searches: demi lovato hot " XD
[11:35:39 AM] Whitdjinn: i dont care for her at all
[11:35:42 AM] Me: lol
[11:35:50 AM] Me: her voice annoys me
[11:36:00 AM] Whitdjinn: i understand that i'm here almost 30 debating the worth of teen pop stars, but still


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  1. Sorgatani's Avatar
    The world has indeed gone topsy-turvy. Adam, blogging.

    PokeFarm, you have been warned

    just kidding Adam - congrats; enjoy it while it lasts ^_^
  2. joinred1127's Avatar
    Whut? Adam… blog… *doesnotcompute*
  3. joinred1127's Avatar
    Oh wait, he's a supporter. That computes now. *lolfails*
  4. pikaluva13's Avatar
    matt does kinda fail jk

    also, if you come up with any blog names (that don't involve me failing ) for me, that'd be helpful
  5. joinred1127's Avatar
    I can think of some… >.>
  6. joinred1127's Avatar
    Adam's Blog
    Adam's Blog of Death
    Adam's Death Blog
    Hi I'm Adam and I Like Dogs
    My Parents Won't Let Me on the Computer past two in the afternoon.
    My favorite game is to nap.
    I don't have any friends
    I fail!
    Kurt is my twin brother; he's the cool one.
    I won this blog through the thunderdome.
    I love blogging.
    Matt is my very best friend.
    Matt is the greatest person in the world.
    I love Matt.
    He rocks
    Matt is awesome.
    Hey! Everyone! Give Matt fifty dollars!
    I don't know.
    I need a cooler blog name because I can't think of one.
    Kiss me I'm Michigainese.
    I'm on the swim team phear me!
    Grr! I'm Adam! Blarghaty!
  7. joinred1127's Avatar
    Good enough?
  8. pikaluva13's Avatar
    okay a few things about those
    1) i don't like dogs at all
    2) i don't think i love you lol ( i know...sad )
    3) i'm the the cool one
    4)i kinda like the Adam's blog of death one. Then i can make the description be: Read and you shall die of fail (just to make you skypers happy )


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