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As you may know, Revelp8 was given the scarlet H for being accused of using clones in his team. The pokemon that were in question were 3 pokemon he received from a friend on Smogon, they were in fact clones. He chose to use them in his gym team, which was a bad choice on his part, but a choice none the less.

This does not make him bad, it just means he made a wrong decision which we all have done before. No one is perfect and we all have made wrong decisions and can't or don't have the higher power to point down at his decision.

He did confess to me and I wanted to share. He promised me he won't do it again and I trust that he won't. I'm not apologizing for him and I'm not apologizing for what I said in my other blog. It was mine to say and I said it, now this is mine to say and I'm saying it.

With saying what I needed to, I'm going to go to bed cuz' it's frickin early or late really, I have no idea what to call it when you stay up till 4:45am.

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  1. MissingNo.'s Avatar
    Its good that the truth comes out. So there is no doubt any more about this whole thing. I hope you will stick around the forum. We need ya here Kate.
  2. Whitdjinn's Avatar
    I would like to thank you for finally stating this rather than causing a further rift between the staff and members of this site.

    I would like it to also be known that built into Revelp8's punishment a way for him to be fully redeemed. The details don't need to be public, but I truly hope that he chooses to take that route.
  3. meeker's Avatar
    Don't worry Kate. I'm quite sure he will be redeemed. Members like Death by Bronzong and Crymzon1980 are living proof that it does happen.
  4. N0t2f34r's Avatar
    Only one member has gotten rid of that H. Let's make it 2.


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