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Dynamic Duo - Pairing Off For A Dance

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Welcome back to my column called Dynamic Duo - The Art of Double Battling. This is issue #2 and today we're going to discuss pairing off pokemon for battle. In singles, choosing your lead pokemon is often not very difficult. Also, if your opponent chooses something that puts you at a disadvantage you can simply switch to a counter. However, in doubles the whole strategy becomes a little more tricky. You not only have to worry about which of your pokemon will work well together but also the opponent's pokemon and what combos they might perform together. Essentially, think of double battling like a dance. Both of your pokemon have to work well together in assisting with attacks or helping to cover each other's weaknesses.

Let's demonstrate this with an example shall we? Now a strategy I always use is pairing off a pokemon that knows surf with another pokemon that either has the abilities water absorb/dry skin or has the move protect. This allows you to hit your opponent's pokemon without damaging your team mate. Or in this case, if your team mate has either of the abilities mentioned above you'll be assisting with healing their HP while they can perform setup moves. This is also useful for restoring damage from life orb for example. Something you don't want to do is pair off a pokemon with dry skin with someone who knows sunny day. This will undermine everything for you.

Another example of effective pairing is having a physical sweeper paired with a special sweeper. You'll be able to hit your opponent with a variety of attacks this way and it's unlikely your opponent will be able to block both types of attacks. Another thing you can do is pair off a pokemon with weak defenses with something that knows Intimidate. Intimidate lowers BOTH the opponent's pokemon's attack. This way your sweeper will take less damage from opposing attacks and has a better chance of staying in the battle.

Finally, as our last example we'll consider abilities and how they can benefit your partner. Consider tossing out a pokemon with the ability storm drain and a fire pokemon. Your opponent throws out a water pokemon and a grass pokemon. To make things a little easier for our example, let's say you know the opponent's water pokemon has a move like hydro pump from beforehand. Obviously, you know he's going to aim for your fire type and his grass type is going for your water type with storm drain. Suddenly you may think you're in big trouble. Now this may be the case if the opponent's grass type has the move protect. Unfortunately you really can't be sure. If your fire type knows protect then that's great. You can fool your opponent that way. Let's say you do go and attack the grass type pokemon. Wait!? Why would you do something crazy like that? He has a water type on the field you say? Well simple. Storm Drain makes any single target, water attack hit the pokemon who has that ability. This means if your opponent's water type uses hydro pump it won't target your fire type and your free to take out that grass type with a fire move. What you've done is covered both of your pokemon's weaknesses. The water type with storm drain will take the water attack for your fire type and your fire type will get rid of the grass type, which is a threat to your water type. This is an example of effective pairing and good team synergy.

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  1. Kurt's Avatar
    I have a question.

    Let's say I have one Pokemon with Water Absorb that Dives while the other one uses Surf. Does the Water Absorber gain twice the HP, or is it still the same as if it weren't underwater? Just curious. ^_^
  2. Paiopa's Avatar
    @Kurt: The HP restored will be the same as far as I know. They're usually a fixed value like how volt absorb works.
  3. XD001's Avatar
    Yeah the Surf/Water Absorb is a great strat.

    I've seen this in the form of:

    Discharge/Volt Absorb, Motor Drive
    Eruption/Flash Fire


    Explosion/ Ghost Type


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