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The Day the Boys on skype... became girls...

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[15:07:24] Anastasia Mclane: i wonder if i'm a real person XD
[15:07:24] Matilda: I don't see anastasia
[15:07:28] Kurt: lol
[15:07:30] Shyam : Well, what Girl's name can we have>
[15:07:36] Matilda: anastasia
[15:07:39] Anastasia Mclane: OMG!
[15:07:43] Anastasia Mclane: an Adam Mclane XD
[15:07:54] Katarina: Matt, I changed my name!
[15:07:55] Anastasia Mclane: XD
[15:08:00] Matilda: gewd!
[15:08:07] Katarina: I was saying that to slizer
[15:08:15] Matilda: me too
[15:08:19] Shyam : lol
[15:08:20] Anastasia Mclane: *high fives*
[15:08:28] Matilda: *misses* T_T

[B] Erm... just lol[/B]

[15:09:36] Katarina: Like, makeup and stuff1
[15:09:38] Shyam : xDDDD
[15:09:41] Anastasia Mclane: we should tell mom! XD
[15:09:50] Shyam : Hi Whit
[15:09:53] Katarina: Hey!
[15:09:55] Whitdjinn: i feel like this is a conversation I shouldn't be involved in :P
[15:09:56] Katarina: xD
[15:09:59] Anastasia Mclane: hey there baby! XD
[15:10:00] Shyam : xD
[15:10:00] Katarina: ROFL
[15:10:04] Katarina: eww
[15:10:07] Anastasia Mclane: jk
[15:10:08] Anastasia Mclane: lol
[15:10:08] Katarina: Aggers is hitting on Whit

[B] Whit walks in wondering what on earth is happening[/B]

[15:10:12] Matilda: What's that gurl friend?
[15:10:23] Matilda: you hitting on my man!
[15:10:24] Anastasia Mclane: wanna go shoe shopping!?
[15:10:27] Katarina: I'm all done now
[15:10:29] Anastasia Mclane: XD
[15:11:01] Matilda: I need some new wedges

[B] erm.. still being silly.[/B]

[15:12:53] Whitdjinn: ...
[15:12:59] Whitdjinn: you guys are too much
[15:13:00] Shyam : I am putting it in the quote thread
[15:13:02] Matilda: we could make a Lifetime movie out of it
[15:13:03] Anastasia Mclane: whit's not gonna change his name! XD
[15:13:11] Shyam : I can't add you till you do it to everyone in the chat
[15:13:24] Matilda: but everyone else inth echat doesn't want to join
[15:13:28] Anastasia Mclane: hey whit, i'm gonna kick you out for a bit XD lol jk
[15:13:28] Patricia McScott: Sister
[15:13:37] Kurt: I gotta get dressed, go to the mailbox, and eat--BBL
[15:13:39] Anastasia Mclane: boo katarina
[15:13:42] *** Patricia McScott ejected Anastasia Mclane from this conversation. ***
[15:13:47] Kurt: BURN
[15:13:49] Kurt: lol
[15:13:49] Shyam : xDDD
[15:14:07] *** Matilda added Anastasia Mclane ***
[15:14:13] Laura McScott: Sister. You there?
[15:14:13] Anastasia Mclane: Mhmm!
[15:14:14] Anastasia Mclane: XD
[15:14:18] Laura McScott: Yes sister
[15:14:25] Laura McScott: How are you
[15:14:27] Anastasia Mclane: what'd you change your name to?
[15:14:30] Laura McScott: good sis
[15:14:30] Matilda: what are yo uguys, wondertwins
[15:14:36] Anastasia Mclane: since i changed you guys before
[15:14:45] Kurt: Non!
[15:14:48] *** Laura McScott ejected Kurt from this conversation. ***
[15:14:53] Anastasia Mclane: wait, so who all needs to change their name?
[15:14:54] Laura McScott: Mwuhahahahahahaha
[15:15:04] *** Matilda added Kurt ***
[15:15:07] Laura McScott: I GOT DA POWER

[B] Still being completely and utterly random and silly.[/B]


Patricia McScott - Jats605
Anastasia Mclane - Pikaluva
Matilda - Joinred
Katrina/Kurt - Trombones13
Whitdjinn - Whitdjinn
Shyam - Me
Laura McScott - Slizer107

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  1. pikaluva13's Avatar
    I am so fabulous XD jk lol
  2. joinred1127's Avatar
    Fabulous! Xd
  3. TheMonsterAtlas's Avatar
    But =/ Kurt didn't need a name change to become a jk
  4. joinred1127's Avatar
    Gunshin, since when was Kurt a girls name? Phail~
  5. Jats605's Avatar
    u have me and slizer swapped...


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