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  1. Thanks for the trades.
  2. Rattata for Anorith, Spearow for Yanma, Machop for Wailmer? Sound fair?
  3. I want your Ratata, spearow and machop!
  4. I found a problem we'll have with accessing Pokemon data.. As it is right now, login is handled globally by the Pokemon Showdown site. Darn. I'll try to find out how much work it would take to change that, but they have also said they will add local login handling at some later point in development, so that mode may just be delayed a bit. I'll see if I can find out more.
  5. Yup. Let me know what you find about working with the battle system and then we can add it in.
  6. Was that you wondering if I have Skype? If it was, yeah, I do. Skype name thrstein (but I'm pretty sure we're already contacts).
  7. Correct, it scans the existing trades and gives you the first match it finds.
  8. Agreed. Out of curiosity, how did you implement it? Does it check if anyone's GTS'd a Pokemon with matching give/want? It was so fast it didn't seem to be a cron job.
  9. Yes, need to add that in. At least having the trade bar on your My Pokemon page helps.
  10. Just traded with Vott, and the system seems like it works great! However, a notification of some sort would be nice, it all went silently.
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