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  1. Nope; the Gyms have been awfully quiet lately. Hopefully things slow down a bit for you! :/
  2. The new games are why I'm checking back in & seeing how things are going. Thing of it is, I'm seriously debating sitting out this round of games. Life is too busy for me these days. Maybe getting back in when the combined black/white comes out in a year or so. I haven't been active on the site for a long time and I wanted to make sure I wasn't holding up a Gym for someone who is planning to go all out with B&W.
  3. Long time no see; welcome back! Getting the new games today?
  4. Good to see you around again.
  5. I know; the forum as a whole has been kinda quiet. :/

    Yeah; sometime, we should probably get around to it...just like I need to get around to finishing my EV training and re-opening the Gym...still. I'll let you know once that's all finished, and we can schedule after that if that's all right with you.
  6. I've been checking in every few days. There just hasn't been much to do.....

    Up for another rematch sometime? I seem to recall that something interrupted our standing weekend engagement & we never really got going again.
  7. Good to see you around again.
  8. I kinda wish I hadn't saved you-know-who until the end, though...oops...
  9. I thought you did pretty well. I was down to one Pokemon and he is moderately fragile. I was pretty worried about how long it was taking me to down Berloiz
  10. ...This feels familiar. :P
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