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  1. argh! we need to try and get on at the same time!

    what sort of time are you next going to be on? I can be on any time after 7pm GMT

    let me know!!!! hehe
  2. Ahh, sorry. x___x You keep catching me right after I leave my computer. <33

    Once I get my work schedule for next week, we can plan something. :3
  3. Hi Bri

    Im online for the next few hours, so let me know if you make it online. im desperate for my jirachi now!
  4. heya, do you want to trade?
  5. Yay! Thank you~ :'D
  6. Hahaha, sure. xD
  7. do you want to try one more time and you host it?
  8. ...booooo D:
  9. Hahaha, yeah, I saw. x3; I'll be on wifi in two shakes~
  10. just to say that i have a new friend code [in case you didnt see the post yday]
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