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  1. Well it's 9:53 where we live, and he goes to bed at like 8 LOL :P So he's asleep!
  2. Haha mybad I didnt kno that
    Well can you ask him if he wants to battle me plz
  3. I no longer have a Nintendo DS :P I'm sure my friend Vott would be up for a battle!
  4. Heyy wanna battle
    I have Pokemon pearl
  5. no I do not, sorry.
  6. hey would you happen to have a shiny male nidoran or shiny nidorino or shiny nidoking and if you dont do you have any of those just regular thats cool too
  7. hey will you battle me
  8. oh its cool
  9. Sorry but I can't find my games =/
  10. do you have a male chicorita i will trade you a male lvl 100 altaria i dont care if its lvl 1
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