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  1. ill add you then hop on
  2. Now's fine.
  3. ill take the adamant one... when do you want totrade??
  4. Yeah I have a mesprit with a gentle nature, a uxie with a Modest nature and an Azelf with a Adamant nature. Which one do you want?
  5. do you have a goodnature moltres?? or mesprit uxie azlef??
  6. hey if you dont want the articuno its cool, lemme know if you want something else for it though.
  7. hmm i'll check what my articuno is, it has a lax nature, Im sorry it only knows Mind Reader and Ice beam if you still want it I'll give it to you.
  8. i dont know what i really want... i need a good natured articuno
  9. Hey I saw your message about the Zapdos and I would love to have it. Lemme know if you want something in particular I can't be sure i'll have it but I have some items that I dont need as well.
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