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  1. Yooooooo welcome back fam! It’s been 5 years too long!
  2. I remembered my password ! lol
  3. Sorry Bud i don't have Wi-Fi it works for my PS3 but not my DS weird huh?
  4. hey can you help me move 2 pokemon from diamond to SS?
  5. Raise your pokes to about the 30's-50's range and check their IVs from there since itll be much higher then miniscule levels
  6. Hey Ivan if ou don't have acsess to wifi how can you check IV's accuratly?
  7. your back in the chat
  8. Whit said you got 6 minutes of time out left nut that was 7:24 my time you got 1 minute left
  9. I would but no wifi and im renovating my team
  10. Care for a battle?
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