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  1. I get caught out on everything -.-
  2. Lol, that was freaking hilarious. xD
  3. I think I have to edit what I said here cause I got infractionised for eet =____=

    I'll tell you what it was later >.>
  4. Okidokie, I'll PM you mine.
  5. Okies got eet :P

    My name thingy is "ZomgAndysHere" =3
  6. O_O omg I shush for a sec I need to get one first but I cant concentrade with you being all like,
  7. Yup, like MSN. But use AIM. What's your AIM addy?
  8. AIM? Is that like msn? Cause I got that. Or ish it different omg my head hurts @_@
    It's all too much for my tiny mental capacity X_<

    Anywho I hope its different cause I hate my msn addy shizzle yo <.<
  9. Yeah you do. xD

    As for gossip, get AIM! I have loads to tell you... xDD I'll give you my screen name once you give me yours.
  10. O_____O Omg visitor messages wtf

    Anywho lets gossip =D

    Omgomgomg I have to gief you back your shinys XD
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