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  1. If i knew I would have that crit vs poke i would have gone Earth power and that would have been match lol. I don't think earth power would have taken out that poke! Still it was fun to battle
  2. haha, i loved the pokemon mirror match, I knew i had it when I figured out your item
  3. Wow! What an intense battle that was! Omg it was a blast I enjoy battling you Alirrath !
  4. I can battle now if you're still available
  5. Battle time?
  6. Ohh, thanks I'll do that! Thanks, hope to battle soon.
  7. You'll have to reapply to the Gym, and then I will battle you
  8. Hiya, I was wondering when we can do another battle Just message me when you can
  9. You did quite well, you can discuss it in my Quicksand battle thread if you like!
  10. GGs! That was a fun battle
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