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  1. Thanks a bunch I'll have it returned tonight or tomorrow
  2. okie dokie
    Ill enter it now
  3. You bet.

    I'll be trading from my Perl cart, which has a different FC than the one I used for our gym battle. Make sure you enter FC: 3481-1110-2357
  4. Okie dokie im done battling emp
    Are you available to trade?
  5. Yes it is
    Are you available for trade in about 30 mins. im in a battle with empoleon
  6. I have a Milotic but I will want him back in a day or two. Is that enough time?
  7. Hello Jhamin
    Would you happen to have a male milotic with recover or a gastrodon with recover I can borrow?
  8. Oh ok
    Thanks for the information
    Its greatly appreciated
  9. That depends heavily on what you are battling.

    If you feed it the max amount of Vitamins for one stat, it will have 100 EVs in that stat. After that, every pokemon you fight and get XP from will also give you EVs. Each pokemon gives different EVs and in different amounts. So you could battle (for example) 1000 Magicarp and never max out Special Attack, because Magicarp give out 1 Speed EV each.
  10. Hry jhamin
    I have one question
    Since I have a version of your calypso
    I gave it 10 calcium and im currently EV training its stats
    How many battles would I need exactly to max out its sp. atk
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