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  1. Hey bubba long time no see eh?
  2. Ok thats fine. I'll see ya then.
  3. we already had ours and you will have to wait until i'm done with this team until we can battle again. Sorry mate.
  4. Hey bubba when do you want to have a gym battle?
  5. well I had to think of something that sounded aussieish
  6. Haha so thats a no? wallabies live on the ground. Possums climb trees ok i'll meet you online. New fc is: 1548 5094 4483
  7. well if a wallabe climbs up a gum tree then of course I will
  8. Hey mate. Would you like to do our battle now?
  9. yup that is what I was planning
  10. open Were you looking to challenge me?
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