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  1. That was a great battle! Thanks again, and thanks for the breed!
  2. mine's 3067-4828-1172
  3. Whats your Friend Code?
  4. Alright, I'll be here for most of today and then the later half of tomorrow. We should be able to find time for a battle around then
  5. Today or tomorrow, I'm working alot lately due to tax season drawing to a close. But I should be available if nothing else tomorrow all day.
  6. Sorry! I haven't been on much at all this whole week. I'm here the majority of this weekend, if we can get our battle in tonight.
  7. We keep missing each other, would you rather set an appointment?
  8. Sure, just message me when I am on, and we can battle.
  9. Hiya, I was wondering when we could set up a gym challenge? Thanks in advance!
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