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  1. Hey we need to find a time where both of us will be on, your three hours behind me. So let's aim for a time thats convinient for us both
  2. its cool just need to find a time that works
  3. tonight would be perfect but one little problem, i drove to my parents house fir the weekend and i forgot my diamond which is where i have all the pokes so this weekend aint ganna work. sorry
  4. how about tonight at 6ish your time. because then its not so late for me
  5. hey ive been busy at work sorry im available for most of the weekend let me know times that work with you and we can go from there
  6. hey, need to sort out when were gonna trade msg me back. kay cool
  7. Hey are you on right now, because i can trade now
  8. no im not looking for anything really unless you have an adamant ditto lol but anyways ill be on after work around 8pm pacific
  9. hey ill be on tonight, but if you're not on thats okay too, do you want annything in particular?
  10. hey i posted on the thread im just letting you know my info
    name for pearl is Zoe FC= 0689 1561 1102
    thanks again.
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