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    What's due tomorrow?
  2. haha good luck but i meant the report due tmo?
  3. Hah, no. I haven't even started. We were going to film something for our visual on Friday, but I was sick.
    I'm doing the english presentation now, then onto the BTT.
  4. hey guess what i caught today? Paras its so cute so have you finished french? AMy was over and we finished a few minutes ago.
  5. Once it knows Ancient Power. It learns it at level 33, so once it gets to 34 it'll evolve.
    Or earlier, if you breed it with Ancient Power.
    4/20 slides done. Joy.
  6. yeah im almost done btt though i got it from a friend who has platinum they also gave me scyther, yanma and dusclops but tangela evolves into tangrowth at what level?
  7. Not really...just for the BTT, I guess.
    Yeah, I got one from the event that they did.
    Have it learn Ancient Power and level up and it'll evolve :P
  8. heyy i am scared for my life next week hbu? guess what i got you def aready have it but i got tangela hehe its so cute
  9. B/C I totally remembered to bring the instructions home...
    Ah well, I have more than a week to do it.
  10. yeah a five page thing about your city check the instructions
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