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  1. Whoops, I wasn't on...
    You didn't watch the cup? What?
  2. do you wanna trade now?
  3. you dont like bru? It's a mix between bro and something else but yeah I can trade tonight? When do the Penguins play?
  4. Bru?
    I can breed one for you, can you trade tonight?
  5. Bru go on fb or something I was wondering if I could get a vulpix from you by any chance? Kay thanks holy man, the science exam was CAKE I can't believe I studied for so long. How's your sis? Hehe she is sooo cute.
  6. d) Rapport: sur la ville en question a remetre le lundi 19 mai 2009 Ce rapport (5 pages) peut comprendre tout ce qui est dans votre presentation orale quelque informations sur l'importance et l'origine de la ville.
  7. So what do we have to do? Summarize what we're going to say in the presentations? And it says this on the sheet?
  8. mhmmm but she might forget about it but i would do it
  9. Are you serious?
    One per group?
  10. a five page report on your city like history, tourist attractions
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