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  1. Yes. Being in the same egg group is like being in the same species.
  2. question: so if two different pokemon are in the same egg group will they hatch an egg? Im a little confused help.
  3. Hehe, you're welcome.
    Oh, and you'll probably want to read up on IVs, if you're going to start farming.
  4. thanks so much for that lovely post gwen.
  5. I'm on now...
  6. since this is the only way i seem to get a hold of you, i need to talk to you asap. please go on facebook for like two minutes kay?
  7. i know, i have not really studied for geo but we have till 1 tomorrow
  8. I go on pf more than I go on fb, sadly...
  9. hey Geo tomorrow, its going to be super easy. go on fb it seems weird not talking about pokemanz on this aha.
  10. Yeah I saw the last bit, Im glad they won.
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