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  1. Nah, nothing like that. I was wondering if you knew them and that's how you found out about Pokefarm. I'm all old and stuff. I grew up in MN and moved to OH for college. Now I've graduated and I'm a bum here, looking for work.
  2. no im a lot younger then the others 15 so :P ya'know kinda taught not to contact those i meet over the internet in real life :P
  3. Yeah, the only other one I knew of was Taterbud. Do you/tbud/frawg know each other in RL? If so, that's pretty awesome. I only know people via facebook or when Kurt tweets. Which you know, is NEVER!
  4. Well I'm in Akron frawg is in barbetong taterbud is somewhere I believe in Ohio I forget who but some ones around columbus
  5. Heh, small world, isn't it? I'm in University Circle (cleveland). You in a city or middle of nowhere?
  6. another ohio user??
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