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  1. Yeah; wait until the 30th when Wi-Fi's supposed to improve.

    I don't know why it's been fairly quiet lately (both for staff and members)...guess people have RL issues or something. :/
  2. Very subtle there. I don't need anything at the moment. I'm just trying reintegrate back in slowly. Wifi's been weird lately, so trading and giveaways are out at the moment, but I'm sure I can fix that with googling and router-tweaking. I'm still in WEP at the moment, but I'm sure my roommates won't care too much if I want to change that.

    As for the active admins: What happened? I don't know Deneves and Nettie from when I was really active here, and I swear there were more back then. I know lots of people are busy with school/work/families, and I can see why trades/farming events would go down because of that, but what about just posting and that sort of thing? :/ Maybe I'm just being nostalgic. If I come up with ideas to make things more interesting in a less time consuming and new people friendly way, I'll post in the thread MissingNo started.
  3. I'm very much alive, haha. The other "active" staffers right now would be Steve, Deneves, Nettie, Tani, and MissingNo. hint Need help with something?
  4. Hey you. I can see by my twitter feed you aren't dead. Who else is admin/mod now? You know, so I don't always need to bother you.
  5. Oh noes! Well, I'm sure Buzz'll figure something out. Hope you're not too swamped with things.
  6. o_o I never made a Marill, though... ;_;
  7. muahaha. You're going down, as I am your opponent for the Marill battles! I'll be ready by tomorrow. I only recently got my Marill keeper. I'll be using my Pearl FC. What about you?
  8. Kurtini, I sent you an email with the modded post, but I changed some of the hyperlinks. I don't know how well they'll transfer.
  9. Oh Kurbobbles, you're just imagining things.
  10. Your nicknames for me get stranger and stranger. xD Yeah, sure; I'm fine with that.
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