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  1. Thanks for the pokemon
  2. Oooohhh. I just realised there are diff designs
  3. There are different patterns depending on your region. Vivillon! I think Jungle is one of the rarer ones. They should get gobbled up on the GTS if you need to finish your pokedex.
  4. What do u mean by Jungle pattern? Haha. scatterbug might be my next breed project
  5. You need to catch some scatterbugs for us. You should have Jungle pattern which is one that I need for my collection
  6. lemme online now. hold on
  7. I've been on, but haven't seen you on-line yet
  8. Hey deneves. can i pickup pineco now?
  9. Yo! Can i pickup Land Mine now?
  10. Could i pick up heracross n pinsir nw?
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