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  1. thanks for the glaceon!
  2. ok checking now...
  3. I see you in the wifi room standing by. Make sure you have my friend code: Deneves 2707 1196 0447
  4. ok geting on wifi now...
  5. No, just send over something that you don't want. If you would like to trade now I will be on for the next 20 minutes
  6. do you want anything in return? i dont have much to give but name something and i will see if i have it.

    what time can you trade?
  7. my i please have polaris? my friend code is Shadow 0130 7987 8164.
  8. Yes I have two sitting in my box that no one picked up. Both Males, one named Polaris and one named Snowshoe. Which one would you like?
  9. do you have any glaceon left?
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