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  1. You deserve it!
  2. Thanks for the comments and rep ^_^
  3. Pretty much? I rarely see anyone else on at the same time as me...
  4. This forum is pretty much dead, I only come on here now and then to check if anything new has happened.
  5. Wow, I barely see you around any more, then again... I barely see anyone around any more...
  6. Ah, cool. I'll have to check out your fan fic, and I hope your region becomes what you envision it to be!
  7. I'm good. Studying in 16-18 education, living with my girlfriend in my old home city after the move 18 months back split me and my parents apart. But otherwise I'm fine, everything is great. My fanfiction has majorly improved, and I'm even working on my own region fully, just as I wanted to. Its my personal project between studying and writing and battling. And you've settled after your world tour!
  8. Oh, you know, strikes and gutters, ups and downs.
    I'm good! I live in the US now. And you?
  9. Yeah. How are you amigo?
  10. Ain't it the truth..
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