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  1. It's proving surprisingly difficult to find a good .zip/.tar of everything. This one looks like it's up to date, but I don't see a download link that would package everything up nicely:
  2. Do you still have Sprite collections zipped up or remember where I can download them from? Some of the avatars are broke and I can't find a full backup of the old pokefarm domain, just the forums
  3. No idea if this will help with the Showdown issue, but I figured I'd pass it along:
  4. Have not had time to look it over.
  5. Any idea yet if installing Showdown will work out? I can help if need be now that I'm done with the pit orchestra obligation I've had for the past week. Let me know!
  6. And the really cool kids also have a Lv. 86 Oshawott that they didn't evolve because they already had a Samurott and Dewott! lol
  7. Level 100 Charizard? The cool kids have level 100 Venusaur!!!!!
  8. Hmm; should be fine--set to evolve at Lv. 26.
  9. Can you check Drowzee/Hypno evolution?
  10. I have to add them in
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