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  1. Ok. Can you read this thing I typed. The Chronicles of Max. Post what you think about it.
  2. taylor isnt the type of person that gets bugged easy.

    i really think we should get all the people that think taylor and chubtoatser look good together to pm taylor and tell her all the reasons she should go out with him.
  3. Not to be rude but I think Taylor would really get bugged.
  4. idk...

    i think her and tribaldan look good together.
    who else thinks her a chubtoaster look good together?

    also why dont you get all the people that think they should be together to pm taylor and explain why they should date.

  5. Do you? Chubtoster sounds like a nice person.
  6. you really think chubtoaster and taylor look good together?

    i think she is dating tribaldan.
  7. I should. She send me a friend request and I accepted it.
  8. are you friends with taylor16?
  9. oh well im pretty sure that she is dating Tribaldan.

  10. I'm not sure. Lets just wait and see who she picks. I would like her to date Chubtoaster because he is very nice and very loyal and he is trustworthy.
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