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  1. All right, then. Let us begin by having you post an introductory post in the Welcome New Members Thread. It may not be much, but it makes sure that other members know that you exist. Once you're done with that, I'd like to make sure that you go over this little list here: The FAQ. The FAQ is our list of general what not to do's and the like. Message me back when you feel that you know them well enough. I am being serious when I say that you should know these rules well, as to continue onto the next section of the program.
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  3. As you can tell, we are going through a slow phase. However, I would like to offer you a chance to partake in the forum's "Big Brother" program. This will help you learn and embrace everything there is to do on the forum. If you are interested, please message me back saying so. Thank you for your time.
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