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  1. Yeah that's cool matey, don't stress. ^__^
    I'm not desperate for your badge, it gives me all the time to finish my new team.
  2. that's fine with me if its ok with you. i need to start getting new members into the picture
  3. Hum hum, i cant monday. We shall have to wait until next weekend, it seems!
  4. im afraid im booked all weekend, how about we try monday? im going to be busy right now getting dinner set up
  5. When are you available?
  6. of course you may, join up on the user groups and lets schedule a time
  7. Jimmy. May i re-challenge you?
  8. Back! ill be on wifi now.
  9. take your time please
  10. Ugh, hang on. Im going to go do something for mum. Brb in 30, ill VM you when i'm ready.
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