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  1. Alright. No problem.
  2. think we can reschedule? i have lunch tomorrow with a friend and i won't be home until late afternoon
  3. Alright, I'll try and slot you in for around that time then
  4. prolly next friday at the latest would be best
  5. Oh ok. What day is ok for you then?
  6. i don't think saturday would be going to be in Ohio with kate for the week
  7. Hey Jimmy how's it goin? How is saturday looking for you to have your gemini gym battle?
  8. haha, i need to keep all that i have left :P
  9. Yeah I know that's gotta be really tough. Well, I'm sure you'll come up with something. Just don't loose your hair over it ya know? Take some breaks in between or you'll end up looking like a Spinda haha.
  10. everything is still on paper, looking for my weaknesses and switching around pokemon so that i may be able to counter. ugh, im looking at everything, trying to do research >.>
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