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  1. Thanks Dennis, I really appreciate all the pokemon you've given me!
  2. Haha, if it hatches shiny in your game it wouldn't have in mine So if it is, you're welcome.
  3. That's okay. I'm hatching now so it won't be am egg for long. Maybe it's your next shiny?
  4. Thanks! Sorry about the egg! :/ I cleared out my boxes so I had no good leftovers to trade. :/
  5. Ready whenever you are!
  6. Yes, I am on-line right now if you have time. I think I have three for you
  7. Hey! Could I grab all of those bugs now?
  8. You wanna grab that totodile now? I'd like to clear these out before posting my next event.
  9. Alright then, mudkip, you will eventually be mine even though your ability is kinda pointless! haha Gotta have the full set.
  10. I think Buzz is going to breed the Turtwigs
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