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  1. you could edit your message and put it on your request post
  2. Really? Did you try the one in the 3ds thread? (I'm not close to my 3ds ATM)
  3. tried putting down your fc, says it's invalid
  4. Could i get that mudkip now?
  5. Ohh and Happy Thanksgiving!
  6. Uggghh sorry... I feel like such a n00b lately. LOL I promise i'll get my act together!
  7. Did i make a typo on your spiritombs name? (i have a feeling i called it "Doomzore" not "Doomzorz"
  8. Hurry up Crymzon!
  9. Can you trade now? (whoa i just read the last vm i posted you, i must've been wicked tired )
  10. Thats okay, maye we can try agsin today
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