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  1. Oh alright, sounds like a LOT of fun
  2. It is part of the cleaning out of the users awaiting email confirmation group. Several users with post counts above zero who had changed their emails were deleted. As long as I can find their user information in the old backup I have been going through I can mostly restore them.
  3. Huh, do you know why they got wiped out?
  4. I just restored those two as well. I can't bring back your visitor messages but other stuff should be there.
  5. OK, I have you mostly restored at this point. Both Seth98 and Ryan493 also got wiped out. In fact as I look through the post database I see quite a few users with posts counts got wiped out.
  6. It sort of works...
  7. No worries, as long as my account works I'm happy!
  8. We routinely clean out the users awaiting email confirmation usergroup because it gets huge. It is not supposed to delete users with a post count above zero but you and two other people ended up being deleted. I restored your basic profile information from an old database backup but somethings are too scattered for me to properly fix without spending hours doing so.
  9. Thanks soooo much. I have no clue what happened but a few months back I changed my email (or tried to at least) and my account just kind of slowly stopped working :/
  10. I tried to rebuild your old account
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