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  1. Can you trade now?
  2. Yes, I am able to trade.
  3. Steve are you able to trade for Noibat?
  4. Well long time no see steve. How are things?
  5. how is it going steve? Finding enjoyment out of b/w?
  6. Hey steve idk if you remember me but i was on here a while back maybe 1-2 years when i was most active and idk maybe a year ago i got a visitor message on my profile and this was before the site upgraded to vbulletin IDK # and I read that one back then but it happens to still say i got it and I havn't had any new ones for a while
  7. happy Holidays Steve
  8. Hey steve do you recall a while back when I brought it to your attention that there was a vm that it says I have but when I click it the message doesn't show on the profile page? Well that message is still there.
  9. Change your encryption to WEP or turn it off (if you live in the boonies).
  10. What (IYO) should I do then?
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