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  1. It looks like the file "ajax_start.php" is empty? Hmmm... I know the battles are supposed to be using AJAX so I feel a bit dubious at this point.
  2. I'm having the same problem, none of the buttons do anything... Grr....
  3. Somehow I built a doggy with one leg and no head. ._. Got into a battle with some other thing, but I can't click the buttons for it to work. :/
  4. Let me know if you can get Forumon RPG to work. when i try to battle nothing happens. I wanted to modify this into a Pokemon Fusion kind of game but... If I can't get the thing to work...
  5. I'm going to activate the stripped down marketplace for all registered users. I took out the "dangerous" stuff.
  6. Jeez... o_o
  7. You have not received the 50K achievement yet. that means the script is still running!
  8. Good idea; it was kinda confusing with two different "Points" counts.

    EDIT: How did you just lose an Exp. Point??
  9. I removed Ucash. We will use the EXP plugin as currency.
  10. I blame my phone for the double posting. The award system is still chugging alon. When will it be done?
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