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  1. Oh, really? I didn't even notice - funny coincidence! I had just finished that event; they'll be going up sometime this weekend.
  2. I saw you on line last night and it looked like you were wonder trading. I thought that was a great idea and I started unloading some of mine. While I was doing that I got one of yours.
  3. Oh? How so?
  4. I think I got a preview of your upcoming event last night
  5. Oh, nice - you got one of the few things I didn't do an event for!
  6. Thanks for the egg. A 31/X/31/31/31/31 Infiltrator ♀ Noibat.
  7. Send me a trade request whenever you'd like to pick up Medusa and your egg - I'll just be breeding some Phantump.
  8. How about a Big Pecks♂ Flecthling?
  9. I'll get Cauchemar (good naming choice! ) nicknamed and then I'll be online.
  10. Do you have time to swap pokemon?
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