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  1. Thanks for the trade!
  2. Also:

    I'll trade your Shellos as well
  3. I am Ben. Connecting is taking a while >.>
  4. Are you Thunda in-game?
  5. I'm back.

    Multi-tasking but I'm done now
  6. I'll be on in a moment.

    ETA: Oops, you sent that message earlier than I thought. Let me know once you're back!
  7. Hey there!

    You've got a Lotad, Spiritomb and Honedge for me.
    Are you available to trade now?
  8. I'll be online shortly!
  9. Hey Kurt, you're holding some Pokémon for me I believe.

    Can you trade at all?
  10. Hey can we trade at all?
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