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  1. She is and it makes me feel ancient lol
  2. She is not in fourth grade already!! Impossible.
  3. Lol that’s very true, mom still calls you whisper boy ha ha! And we’re doing pretty good here. Starting home schooling this year for Adri and she’s in fourth grade now. The little one is working on her alphabet and learning the letters. She just got potty trained last month fully.
  4. Hiiiii Taterbud! I mean, could anything else match up to PokeFarm messages and DS voice chat? :P Hahaha. Hope you and the family are doing well!!
  5. I’m glad the site is back and that you’re on here Kurt! I feel like you never chat on the other platforms so I hope you’ll say hi occasionally now.
  6. Will do Kurty birdy.
  7. Hey! Remind me again after Saturday so I'm out of finals/graduation mode, haha. Hope you've been well!
  8. Hey Kurty birdy, I added your friend id, would you add me please? chook chook
  9. Psst...change that little line at the bottom of your sig already...
  10. o_O Ooookay. lol
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