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  1. Hey jhamin
    I have a Seviper Event thread closed
    May you reopen it? I finally found my DS
    [KURT EDIT, a la George Lopez] I got this!
  2. Thanks. Wish I can have another round. But I agree I was expecting a CC on mt silver but then I noticed choice band. You played well even tho I was very very scared
  3. I think that Burn officially sealed my fate, but I'd have needed a Crit with Nuriev to pull out the win even without it. Wasting Mokugyo was the moment I lost.

    I've awarded your Forge Badge & PMed an Admin to make is shiny. It may take a day or so for the Shiny to show up. Excellent match
  4. Good game jhamin
    it was definetely a hard and close battle
    I'm glad I saved mt silver for last
    I really thought a CC was coming but never expected a burn from lava plume
  5. Yes I understand and abide to your rule
  6. As the battle didn't start, I'm happy too.

    Just an FYI: After the first move any communications errors are considered a Disconnect & we have to wait a week according to Pokefarm Rules
  7. the screen is white and non moving jhamin want to restart the DS's and ill host?
  8. entering now
  9. Sure, I'll meet you online
  10. Jhamin, may wen we battle?
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