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  1. I had to cut my vacation short and return to work early, so just been back to normal. Also I'm prepping for my first main site event, so that should be exciting
  2. Not a ton. Work, family, real life.

    How about yourself?
  3. What's been going on Jhamin?
  4. Well, at least you're getting challenges. I need to start a team so i can challenge your gym i just ben mainly working on breeding for now, is it that they're just not showing up????
  5. Nothing too exciting. Just trying & failing to arrange gym battles

    (I'm 1 for 3 tonight)
  6. Whats been going on?
  7. It's good if you're getting more challenges, keep up the good work though, I need to fix meself up a team and take on some gyms again
  8. 5-0 so far. I'm always supised at how tough steels are.

    To be honest, the activity level is a lot higher than I'm used to. I used to run two gyms at once & didnt' have as many challanges.
  9. Whats going on Jhamin? Hows the gym going for ya?
  10. Congrats *shakes hand*
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