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  1. Was hoping to find you were still around. I suppose that isn't the case... sigh.
  2. Yarp! Sorry to see you go!
  3. hay, its been good gettin to (somewhat) know you. Ive not gonna be here for a while, so 2 every day? except tuesdays?
  4. If you'll write the next one, I'll take the following section.
  5. oh, and that also reminds me, is you or me gonna write the next part for my journey?
  6. Yes. I'm enjoying it muchly and looking forward to more!
  7. OK! Oh, I just read Pokemon Xeron! IT IS AMAZING!!!
  8. No big deal!
  9. yarp, tommorow would probably work. If I dont show... I dont know what will happen.
  10. No worries! It's all good...
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