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  1. ha ha, I just remembered about that new signature you wanted, ha ha, I'll get on it if you still want to use that image of that anime guy
  2. doing pretty well, but getting anxious for this lil one to come on out
  3. hey taterbuddy! its going alright. hows you :U
  4. Hi Jin, hope it's going good
  5. Hey Jin, how're things going?
  6. You're welcome, hope she works out for you with that move.
  7. thanks so much for helping me out!
  8. hrmm, that doesn't sound too good. boo to school loans
  9. I'll be able to soon, I caught a shiny sheepy for him and will grab a poke for you that has cut, what friend code you want me using? Use the one that's displayed for me
  10. It's not really a lot, most of it is going to go toward some school loans, so I really won't be getting a lot out of it.
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