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  1. mmhmmmm......-_-

    haha jk

    umm thanks??
    lol XP
  2. *Flashes*


    ...With my car of course <.<
  3. mmhmmm suree..

    good pidgey you stay there from now on...O_o
  4. Its the pidgey thats evil not me <.<

    *Pidgey lands on my shoulder with shifty eyes*
  5. AAAHH what the?!?!

    fine fine fine...
    *hand you chocolate*
    youre still evil..... XD
  6. *A Pidgey flies up to you and starts pecking your face*

    GIEF CHOCOLATE~!!!! >=o
  7. LOL XDD thats okay I eat a lot too..someday it MIGHT catch up with me >.>>

    what was that??
    who said that??
    did it say get chocolate?
    *goes to buy chocolate for me*

  8. You're lucky Im too busy eating this delicious chocolate to chase you ^_^

    And if I keep eating like a little piggie I wont ever be able to chase you again =D

    *Transmites an idea into your mind to get me chocolate by using radio signals* <.<
  9. *munches banana*
    man what am I a slave?? oh wait..

    Im leaving!! I want FREEDOM!!!
  10. Good child, good child

    *Lashes a banana at your face* continue ^_^
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