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  1. I'm always checking in and out. I've just been really busy, so I haven't really had time to stay on for any long period of time. I usually tend to check up on the beginners' group to attend to any necessary business, but that's really it. I might take a glance at the forums and look into any posts that peak my interest as well, but that doesn't happen too often.
  2. Meeker!!!! Good to see you back
  3. I have been intending to use mine as a counter lead... I think. Not quite sure yet as I haven't used it much yet. Beewannabee is my usual lead. He's taken down some well mannered scizors, t-tars, bronzongs, and even a frightening skarm. That crit in the beginning did him no good justice.
  4. That it was thanks it was her first time
    I made her a diverse lead made to counter and create hazards to back up Bubba
  5. That it was. That it was. Thanks again. Great lead. Thanks to it, I've still never gotten to test out Ling Ling's true pow'ah *secretly hopes for a pokemon to later be named after herself*
  6. the dreaded blue screen
    that was a good game tho
  7. I was a gunna be da weiner!!!
  8. Noooooooooooooooooo!!!!
  9. Would be better if it weren't being exterminated by...that...THING.
  10. xD your team is awesome ^__^
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