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  1. Yikes! That sounds like a major handful. Actually, to be honest, I don't know what's that like since I've been loaded with that much stuff to do. I have college out of the way now and I've pretty much been a bumb right now *blushes*. I'm looking to apply for my masters now. Just figuring out what I want to do and info about programs and what not. Though I have been busy with other things too. I need to get a move on with stuff.
  2. I've been really busy at college... four classes plus an independent study and an internship... plus I'm working part-time. It's fairly exhausting and stressful, as I'm sure you can imagine. I haven't had much time for video games either. Fortunately, spring break is coming up in a couple of weeks. It would be great to catch up on sleep and relaxation.
  3. Eh things are going up and down really, but I'm hanging in there. I haven't even touched my wii or ds in a long while now. How are you doing?
  4. Hi, Paiopa. Hope things are going well with you.
  5. Haha thanks same to you. Hope you had a good one and got what you wanted
  6. Happy Xmas, if that's your thing. If not, happy plain ol' December 25th.
  7. LOL I don't know what's more ridiculous. Arguing about milk or the fact you would need a Garchomp to settle that dispute XD
  8. "You drank all the milk again?! Prepare for BATTLE! My Garchomp will avenge me!"

    That would be an interesting albeit nerdy dynamic. :P
  9. That would be so cool. Heh, if you two ever have some arguments you can settle your differences on the battlefield XD

    Yeah that would be cool
  10. He just finished it except for needing to evolve Claydol and Lanturn, so probably we'll start battling each other soon.

    I may try to get him to join the forum, this community is full of nice people.
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