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  1. lol, ok i see you on my main, you able to trade?
  2. Oh derp, adding now.
  3. Make sure you have my Event 3ds fc added ok ?
  4. Oh, don't worry about it anymore, I got my hands on one in a Net Ball, which is close enough
  5. I'll look for one this morning
  6. *i meant a friend ball*
  7. Would you be able to obtain a female phanpy/Donphan in a level ball? In a HG exclusive.

    Is there anything I could get you from Ss in return?
  8. ok, I'm hunting down a mankey as we speak, i'll msg you when i've transferred it over and ready
  9. I have your Ursaring in My Pokemon X awaiting trade
  10. Sure, I'll get to it
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