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  1. Must be looking in all the wrong places...haven't seen any yet.
  2. I hope you are awake now and searching for those cute little eggs!
  3. SNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORELAX.....Yawn you should know better then to wake a Kingly Munchlax when he is obviously hibernating for the winter

    What's this you speak of...mystery eggs???
  4. Oh where oh where has T4L gone? Oh where oh where can he be? Hellooooooooo
  5. Hey you! Where you at? Not here obviously Come back t4l and start searching for mystery eggs. I haven't seen any yet, but the say they exist.....
  6. Yes I do!....I'm sorry I haven't been very social I'll try to be better at leaving'm going computer free for the next few days....Have a great weekend and kiss those babies for me!
  7. Remember when we used to post visitor messages

    Hope you are doing well
  8. HEY! Just because you still have that picture of us as your computer background doesn't make it my fault!!!

    Luckily someone was able to help me out with my dilemma...but still I miss my fishy smelling friend on the farm
  9. Let me remind you of isn't my breath! It's your bike shorts! rofl
  10. Hey what did you say to carol to make her stop visiting!...was it something you said

    It wasn't something you was your BREATH! pee-yu!

    Here have a breath mint and some gum....chew....okay now go get carol...I have a mission for her!
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